Paris CDG Alliance’s area of intervention

The action of Paris CDG Alliance extends over Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val d’Oise. This area is called Paris-CDG Airport Area.

2 main international airports structure the area

Two main airports guarantee the area’s international opening :

  • Paris-Le Bourget, first european airport for Business,
  • Paris-CDG, first european airport for cargo traffic, second airport passengers traffic after London Heathrow.

This area benefits from main development projects

Airport boosts economic activity

The presence of airports generates a significant number of jobs in six main sectors:

  • Hotels – catering,
  • Tourism
  • Trade,
  • Transport and Logistics,
  • Industry,
  • Construction, public works building.

A population ready to be trained and hired

Paris-CDG Airport Area’s inhabitants is an opportunity for the companies which are located in the area. They are young and keen on looking for a job nearby. Together with its partners, Paris CDG Alliance offers some solutions to enable them to have access to jobs which are available.

Key figures of Paris CDG Airport Area

Key figures of Paris CDG Airport Area

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