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New edition of the Key Figures of Le Grand Roissy-Le Bourget Area

The new edition of Key Figures is online! It is the same as for the previous editions, you will get access to general economic data about Paris CDG Airport Area (Paris CDG and Le Bourget Area) with specific focus on the main sectors (transport and logistics, retail and wholesale trade, airports & aeronautics) as well as a territorial mapping.

The particularity of this edition compared to the previous one concerns the “quality of life” part, which replaces the “hospitality/tourism” focus. It is important to have in mind that this note that this medium is based on data prior to 2020 (all data is not yet available). Also, this brochure is based on the latest available data (i.e. before 2020) , therefore the information shared is a diagnosis of the territorial situation preceding the health crisis.

The digital deliverable of the Key Figures is also available on Paris CDG Alliance website in French as well as on the online data portal. The hard copy is also available in French. The hard copy in English will be printed next April.

Bilateral meetings with Atlanta (USA) and Vantaa (Finland)

Paris CDG Alliance lately met its counterparts Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance (USA) on the one hand and the City of Vantaa (Finland) on the other hand in order to discuss about the economic situation observed within their respective airport locations in connection with Covid-19, but also to share the best practices applied in terms of employment and training. 

Paris CDG Alliance firstly interacted with the Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance teams. Our American counterpart presented the impact of the health crisis on the Atlanta airport area and the actions they took and are currently still taking to deal with it. For example, in order to meet the need to maintain jobs, an online recruitment event was organized. More than 1000 participants were taking part in this event. 

Afterwards, Paris CDG Alliance met online the teams from the city of Vantaa who run the Helsinki Airport Area. This videoconference enabled everyone to share their findings following the crisis and present their respective projects in order to maintain jobs. The idea of ​​pooling job security programs was raised. 

On the strength of the inventories which were shared, future meetings are planned by the end of the year in order to go further in the reflections and study new areas of cooperation between these structures. Other similar bilateral meetings are planned with our partners from China by the end of the year.

Cacesa: the Spanish company establishes its new location within Paris CDG Airport Area


The mission of Paris CDG Alliance Territorial Promotion Unit is to promote the  Paris-CDG Airport Area abroad and to support foreign companies in their establishment. In 2020, the Alliance answered 9 requests for locations. These different requests prove that the areas appears, despite the Pandemic, as an opportunity for investors and international project holders.

We interviewed Rodrigo Peñas Blázquez, Sales and Operations Director of the Spanish company Cacesa, who decided to establish a new location for his company within the area.

Can you tell us about your company?

Cacesa is a Spanish freight forwarder and customs broker owned by Iberia Airlines. Today, our main activity is the challenging international e-commerce. We work with the main platforms, who rely on us for the import formalities of their e-commerce packets. In 2019 we started our international expansion to other countries of the European Union, beginning with our office of Liège Airport. The Covid-19 has accelerated many processes so we decided to expand to new countries. And of course, France was our first priority.

Why did you choose Paris-CDG Airport Area?

We chose this territory because our activity is mainly related to air freight and Paris-CDG is one of the most important airports in the world, the main gateway to Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

What were the steps in your implementation?

The consulting firm Geolink helps Cacesa with our international expansion, so Geolink introduced the team of Paris CDG Alliance to us. After some conference calls in mid-June 2020, CDG Alliance team organized our first trip to CDG area in early July. In a one-day trip, they introduced potential partners to cooperate with, potential locations to establish…. and last but not least, they organized a high-level meeting with CDG Customs Authorities, which is vital for our activity. 

We were so impressed by the quality of the agenda and Paris CDG Alliance´s staff professional efficiency that we made the decision to establish in Paris CDG Airport Area immediately.

Do you want to add anything?

Definitively, the territory of Paris-CDG is lucky to have the right team to push investments forward!

Fact finding mission in Africa to set up a first Edition for the Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar

Paris CDG Alliance, Groupe ADP and its subsidiary ADP Ingenierie traveled from March 2nd to 4th, 2020 to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to check the feasibility to organize an African Edition of the well-known Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar (SAAIS). The Delegates also seized this opportunity to promote Paris-CDG Airport Area during the Aviation Africa Summit 2020 which took place on March 4th and 5th

Everybody should have in mind that the 9 previous editions of the Seminar have successfully brought together experts, elected officials and airport development stakeholders from Asia, North America and Europe. Paris CDG Alliance now wishes to extend its network and benefit from new approaches to the development of sustainable airport territories, by organizing a first edition in Africa. The first African airport hub, Bole International Airport (Addis Ababa) is booming today, with the construction of a new airport planned for 2025. This mission, organized with the support of the French Embassy and Business France, enabled the Alliance to arouse the interest of several international and local players around the challenges of a sustainable airport, such as the Ethiopian Airports subsidiary of Ethiopian Airlines, the Oromia Region, the African Union, the European Union in Ethiopia or the Franco-Ethiopian Business Club (CAFE). 

The Ethiopian Airlines group, which has been involved in these issues for several years, has given its agreement in principle for the co-organization of the African edition of the SAAIS alongside Paris CDG Alliance. The various organizations which were met will support this approach at their various levels. 

This mission also allowed the team on site to promote Paris-CDG Airport Area during the Aviation Africa Summit 2020 and to have a backstage discovering of Ethiopian Airlines. The group is developing an original integrated approach, including the whole airport chain: maintenance center, training center, catering and ground services company, as well as subsidiaries focused on cargo and tourist services. 

DREAAM: The Guide of Good Practices


The final report presenting the results of the DREAAM project has been approved by the Erasmus+ Agency. This last stage is closing a two year collaborative work with the consortium partners (Paris CDG and Orly, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt and Maastricht airport areas) and the ARC (Airport Regions Council). This project is coming to an end, but it will continue to shine through its “Employment Best Practices Guide in Airports Areas”. This guide is a compilation of good practices in training and employment in airport places. It allows other airports and local communities to be given the keys to innovate and implement relevant tools that can be transposed to these other territories. This project has enabled its members to learn from the various employment and training actions. This information is valuable and will last over time. They make even more sense today as airport areas are being renewed to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. The guide was written in English and translated into four other languages (French, Spanish, German and Dutch) in order to promote its dissemination throughout Europe. 

The partners of the DREAAM consortium worked in close cooperation and thanks to the special link they established during the implementation of the project, they are ready to seize the opportunity to gather their strength for upcoming projects which promote  employment and training in these European airports.

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