Cacesa: the Spanish company establishes its new location within Paris CDG Airport Area

Tuesday 24 nov 2020 | News | 3 min of reading


The mission of Paris CDG Alliance Territorial Promotion Unit is to promote the  Paris-CDG Airport Area abroad and to support foreign companies in their establishment. In 2020, the Alliance answered 9 requests for locations. These different requests prove that the areas appears, despite the Pandemic, as an opportunity for investors and international project holders.

We interviewed Rodrigo Peñas Blázquez, Sales and Operations Director of the Spanish company Cacesa, who decided to establish a new location for his company within the area.

Can you tell us about your company?

Cacesa is a Spanish freight forwarder and customs broker owned by Iberia Airlines. Today, our main activity is the challenging international e-commerce. We work with the main platforms, who rely on us for the import formalities of their e-commerce packets. In 2019 we started our international expansion to other countries of the European Union, beginning with our office of Liège Airport. The Covid-19 has accelerated many processes so we decided to expand to new countries. And of course, France was our first priority.

Why did you choose Paris-CDG Airport Area?

We chose this territory because our activity is mainly related to air freight and Paris-CDG is one of the most important airports in the world, the main gateway to Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

What were the steps in your implementation?

The consulting firm Geolink helps Cacesa with our international expansion, so Geolink introduced the team of Paris CDG Alliance to us. After some conference calls in mid-June 2020, CDG Alliance team organized our first trip to CDG area in early July. In a one-day trip, they introduced potential partners to cooperate with, potential locations to establish…. and last but not least, they organized a high-level meeting with CDG Customs Authorities, which is vital for our activity. 

We were so impressed by the quality of the agenda and Paris CDG Alliance´s staff professional efficiency that we made the decision to establish in Paris CDG Airport Area immediately.

Do you want to add anything?

Definitively, the territory of Paris-CDG is lucky to have the right team to push investments forward!