DREAAM: The Guide of Good Practices

Wednesday 30 sep 2020 | News | 2 min of reading


The final report presenting the results of the DREAAM project has been approved by the Erasmus+ Agency. This last stage is closing a two year collaborative work with the consortium partners (Paris CDG and Orly, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt and Maastricht airport areas) and the ARC (Airport Regions Council). This project is coming to an end, but it will continue to shine through its “Employment Best Practices Guide in Airports Areas”. This guide is a compilation of good practices in training and employment in airport places. It allows other airports and local communities to be given the keys to innovate and implement relevant tools that can be transposed to these other territories. This project has enabled its members to learn from the various employment and training actions. This information is valuable and will last over time. They make even more sense today as airport areas are being renewed to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. The guide was written in English and translated into four other languages (French, Spanish, German and Dutch) in order to promote its dissemination throughout Europe. 

The partners of the DREAAM consortium worked in close cooperation and thanks to the special link they established during the implementation of the project, they are ready to seize the opportunity to gather their strength for upcoming projects which promote  employment and training in these European airports.