Paris CDG Alliance is a Public Interest Group which is administered and funded by public and private organizations which are working together. The main objective of the Alliance is to allow the companies to hire locally while developing and improving the access to employment and training for the inhabitants of Paris CDG and its neighbourhood.

These members meet during the General Assembly on a regular basis. The General Assembly is the one to define and approve the Group’s strategy.

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Website of the French Government


Ile-de-France Region

French website of the Ile-de-France Region


Department of Seine-et-Marne

French website of the Departement 77


Department of Seine-Saint-Denis

French website of the Department 93


Department of Val d'Oise

French website of the Department 95


Paris Terres d'Envol

French website of the public territorial institution


Roissy Pays de France

French website of the conurbation authority


Groupe ADP

Website of the Groupe ADP


Air France

Website of the French national airline


Guild of Arts and Crafts

French website of the Guild of Arts and Crafts of Ile-de-France


Chamber of Commerce and Industry

French website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ile-de-France


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  • François Brezot

    Director General

  • Marc Deman

    Deputy Director

  • Karine Ratinaud

    Head of Unit – Territorial Promotion

  • Mélissa Chollet-Makouche

    Project Manager for Territorial Promotion and Attractiveness

  • Maximilien Dubois

    Project Manager for Observatory Studies

  • Sandra Le Goascogne

    Head of Unit – Lifelong guidance & Businesses

  • Isabelle Mechambre

    Cité des métiers Partnership Manager

  • Aurore Lambert

    Corporate Relations Officer

  • Stéphanie Hullot

    Head of Unit – Professional Skills

  • Thomas Perrin

    Project Manager for Apprenticeship and European Mobility

  • Pascal Vallier

    Educational Engineer

  • Adesola Sekumade

    European Mobility Junior Project Manager

  • Julie Vinois

    European Mobility Assistant

  • Isabelle Pasteau

    Head of Administration and Finance

  • Lyla Ould Braham

    Administration and Finance Assistant

  • Julie Pican

    Communication Officer

  • Laury Charlot

    Communication Assistant

Partners Partners Partners Partners Partners Partners Partners Partners Partners Partners Partners

Partners who are dedicated to the Territory

Paris CDG Alliance’s strength is based upon its huge public and private network. This network develops all together operational solutions in order to ease both employment and training access to the inhabitants from Paris CDG and its neighbourhoods. This common work also allows companies to set up their business there, to develop themselves and to hire more easily.

Paris CDG Alliance’s actions do nowadays exist thanks to these partners and their participation in the Alliance’s actions.

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