Grand Paris Express

The Parisian subway expansion project is the largest urban project in Europe. 68 stations and 200 kms of automatic lines will see the light of day. This is as much as the current Parisian subway. Much more than a transport network, it opens new horizons and offers many opportunities for employment and training for the territory through construction sites.

Thanks to this project, the city is growing and becoming more united. The four new Grand Paris Express lines (15, 16, 17 and 18) and the extension of line 14 will be connected to the existing transport network. Essentially underground, these lines will cross and connect the territories of Greater Paris. It will be easier to get from one point to the other of Paris Region without passing through Paris, but also to reach more quickly the heart of the capital from its periphery. This project aims to reduce pollution and traffic for a more environmentally friendly metropolis.

Major business centres (airports, business centres, research centres and universities) and metropolitan areas that are currently difficult to access will be served. The residents will be closer to their place of work and the daily journeys will be more pleasant and faster. This intercity transportation project facilitates access to employment, training, culture and recreation.

The cities near the new stations will change and become denser. Their construction is accompanied by urban projects ready to welcome thousands of “Franciliens”. In the coming years, new districts will be created, combining housing of all categories, shops, offices and equipment to meet the needs of the region.

In short :

Grand Paris Express, the largest urban project in Europe

  • Project manager: Société du Grand Paris
  • 200 kms of lines
  • 68 stations
  • 7 technical centres
  • 4 new lines
  • 100% automatic
  • Timeline: Phased in between 2020 and 2030
  • Financing: 35.6 billion euros, including 7 billion euros in provisions for risks and risks.

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