Paris CDG Alliance’s Mission

Our Alliance, your Success !

Paris CDG Alliance gathers public and private actors located within Paris CDG and its neighbourhood.

Together, their objective is to draft and experiment new solutions in terms of employment, lifelong guidance and professional skills in order to develop and promote the area.

drapeau Paris CDG Alliance

Objective: Participate in the area development

  • Promote the area;
  • Answer the companies’ needs;
  • Develop the inhabitants and workers’ professional skills.


Paris CDG Alliance : a win-win Public/Private Alliance

Assets :  
  • A large and diversified partners network involved within the area: companies, employment agencies, public bodies, training bodies, inclusion and lifelong guidance professionals …
  • A work in an « agile » mode which allows finding out operational issues in a small gap of time,
  • A multidisciplinary vision which allows finding out innovative and hybrid issues,
  • An expertise in the animation of consortium of public and private actors which eases collective intelligence as well as the identification of common solutions.
Ambition : 

Develop a virtuous ecosystem around both Paris-CDG and Paris-Le Bourget airports in order to:

  • Boost Paris CDG Airport Area as the Best European “Sustainable Airport Area”,
  • Promote the airport area abroad and facilitating cooperation,
  • Support local companies in their international development,
  • Facilitate and Promote the establishment of investors and foreign companies,
  • Enable the inhabitants to benefit from the jobs of this area,
  • Helping businesses to find the right profiles among the area inhabitants.

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