New edition of the Key Figures of Le Grand Roissy-Le Bourget Area

Tuesday 2 mar 2021 | News | 4 min of reading

The new edition of Key Figures is online! It is the same as for the previous editions, you will get access to general economic data about Paris CDG Airport Area (Paris CDG and Le Bourget Area) with specific focus on the main sectors (transport and logistics, retail and wholesale trade, airports & aeronautics) as well as a territorial mapping.

The particularity of this edition compared to the previous one concerns the “quality of life” part, which replaces the “hospitality/tourism” focus. It is important to have in mind that this note that this medium is based on data prior to 2020 (all data is not yet available). Also, this brochure is based on the latest available data (i.e. before 2020) , therefore the information shared is a diagnosis of the territorial situation preceding the health crisis.

The digital deliverable of the Key Figures is also available on Paris CDG Alliance website in French as well as on the online data portal. The hard copy is also available in French. The hard copy in English will be printed next April.